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Gas Codes

The following is reference material that explains some of the Ontario Gas Codes that are required to be met for commercial cooking equipment and kitchens.

This material can be referenced in the "Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code" book B149.1-15

6.21 Gas Connectors


Commercial cooking appliances certified for use with castors or otherwise subject to movement during cleaning and other large gas utilization equipment that can be moved shall be connected by a certified gas connector that is certified to either ANSI Z21.69/CSA 6.16 or ANSI Z21.101/CSA 8.5

6.18 Manual Shut-off Valves


A readily accessible manual shut-off valve for each appliance shall be installed (a) in either the drop or riser as close as possible to the valve train of a commercial and industrial type appliance


The requirements for an individual manual shut-off valve specified in clause 6.18.2 may be waived when a readily accessible single manual shut-off valve is (a) installed for commercial cooking appliances manifolded in line

4.19 Appliances protected by automatic fire-extinguishing systems


The valve used to shut off the gas supply (referred to in clause 4.19.1) shall be located outside the protected area

7.32 Commercial cooking appliances


A clearance of not less than 16 inches (400 mm) shall be provided between a deep fat fryer and an open flame of an adjacent appliance unless a non combustible divider extending not less than 7 inches (175 mm) above the fryer of the adjacent appliance is provided.